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3 reasons why you should use a content calendar

3 reasons why you should use a content calendar

3 reasons why you should use a content calendar

Ever since social media has become a mainstream media platform for businesses of all sizes, there has been an evolution of effective marketing strategies. Most recently, it has been evident that a cohesive content marketing strategy is the most cost-effective way to share your message with your audience.

Good content provides information as well as entertainment for your followers while also giving them a glimpse at your brand’s personality without over-selling your product or service. Sharing good content can help you build higher quality followers who are more likely to share your content and spread your brand message.

Planning great content doesn’t need to be a daily challenge, particularly when your time is better spent actually running your business. A well-planned content calendar can solve this challenge for busy business owners.

Here are 3 reasons why you should start using a Content Calendar:

1. Post better content. Planning your content ahead of time gives you an opportunity to do more research to find content that is streamlined to your brand message. You can plan for special offers and coordinate your online marketing with any real-time marketing you have planned. Planning ahead also ensures that you have enough time to pre-schedule your posts, allowing you to have more time on a day-to-day basis to follow engagement and run the rest of your business operations.

2. Share timely content. A content calendar also helps you track important upcoming events or special days. No one wants to miss #NationalIceCreamDay, after all! Your content calendar can help you stay on top of deadlines and plan ahead for events and sale. You can then align your social media and email marketing content to help promotion efforts for these events.

3. Balance your content across all social networks. A content calendar also allows for better cross-platform consistency without too much cross-over and repetition. Everyone has one social network that becomes more comfortable for engaging with followers, but it is important to remember to stay focused on the platforms where your customers (not just you) are comfortable. This might be spreading your message out over multiple platforms and ensuring that your content is accessible to the people who matter.

Get started planning out your social media, email marketing and blog posts for the next month with this handy template from Teach Me Social. Download the PDF for a printable version or click the buton below to download the Excel version of the template to edit on your own device.


Download Editable Content Calendar

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