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3 Steps to Grow Your Brand on Social Media!

3 Steps to Grow Your Brand on Social Media!

3 Steps to Grow Your Brand on Social Media!

Social Media isn’t going away, in fact there are now over 1.55 billion active monthly users on Facebook worldwide while Google and YouTube are still the number one and two online search engines. Growing your brand online means so much more than having a website! It means being “social” – being connected. To be connected, one must also be consistent. Think of social media as “people to people” digital marketing. To help you get started, here are three essential components for every small business social media marketing plan to adopt.

Be Consistent – Ensure your brand has representation (accounts) on all major networks with the same username so people can find and follow you. The top 8 networks (at the time of writing) include: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google for Business, LinkedIn, YouTube, Pinterest. Once your accounts are set up, choose one (or maybe 2) to really focus on – then post regularly! On most social networks, this means posting something every day as well as interacting with other users and responding to comments or messages on your page. To make consistency more manageable, try using pre-scheduling tools like the Facebook schedule option or possibly hire a social media account manager to do this for you. For on-the-go and day-to-day interactions, use mobile apps. Consistency doesn’t need to be time consuming, but it does need to be interactive!

*Pro Tip: Check out Buffer, Tweetdeck or Hootsuite to help manage scheduling for your accounts and to post to multiple social networks!

Be Cohesive Cohesive branding across all accounts is the key to gaining brand recognition. Your logo and/or profile pictures on all your social networking accounts should represent your brand. Colours used in posts and in your email signature should also be representative of your brand. Take the time to ensure that you have the required sizes of your logo for all the different platforms (no, it’s not as simple as having one image file for your logo!) and that they are formatted and centered correctly. Review your website and social media description fields to ensure your messaging is cohesive too – does your bio explain what you actually represent? If not, revise your descriptions so that your brand presents a cohesive image across all digital media.

*Pro Tip: Get familiar with Canva, an online graphics editor that can help you create eye-catching graphics using your own brand colour pallette.

Be Connected – To grow your following on your social networks, make it easy for your clients and contacts to find you! List your website in online professional directories and join social networking groups to expand your influence and reach on social media. Include your Social Network links in your email signature and on every page of your website or blog. Link back to your website from your social media profiles; creating easy navigational flow for your followers will build brand loyalty and consequently increase your network. Grow your network by following Teach Me Social’s ‘rule of three’ – follow and be followed in equal part by your cheerleaders, members of your professional networks as well as past and potential customers.

*Pro Tip: Consider Wisestamp for your email signature and include pictures, icons for social media and other relevant information for people you communicate with every day!

Teach Me Social has been helping Canadian Small Businesses for over three years. Our services range from workshops and seminars to full-service account and community management for your business’s social media networks. Visit to learn more about our service offerings or to contact us today for a no obligation consultation.



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