5 Reasons Why You Should Optimize with Bing

5 Reasons Why You Should Optimize with Bing

5 Reasons Why You Should Optimize with Bing

As a small or medium business owner, optimizing your website is key to set yourself above the competition and the ‘big dogs’ to increase engagement with the consumer. With over 91 million Google searches happening daily, it is difficult for a small business owner to get noticed immediately and be classified as a relevant search on Google without the appropriate keywords. What’s more, if your target market is on Bing, it becomes even more imperative to have a good SEO ranking. The last thing you would want is your audience trying to locate you but your web page is buried beneath other search results.

What Bing can offer:
At a recent event hosted by Green Lotus and sponsored by Microsoft Canada, quite a few things were brought to light that changed our perception about using Bing ads; things that are especially important for small businesses looking to expand their reach and optimize their landing pages.

1. Audience: The Bing end-user is typically within the 25-54 age range. 49% of them have a college degree or higher and earn $75K or higher per year. This is slightly older than Google’s typical end user. In fact, 167 million searches conducted on Bing are unique to the network. Additionally, most web searchers will browse through only the first page of search results. Knowing this about your audience should help to gauge whether being on Bing is relevant for you or not.

2. Market share: Bing currently has 16% of the market share in Canada. It is expected that this will only increase in the future as more users switch over to Windows 10. Bearing this in mind, if your business is in the retail sector, it becomes important to be noticed right away compared to your competition. With 56 million searchers not reached on Google, optimizing ads with Bing is taking the necessary proactive steps to ensure staying top of mind with your audience.

3. Information access: Bing is the ‘King of Information’. Most Apple users can attest to using Siri on a regular basis to answering all their questions and keeping their lives organized. Siri, in fact, pulls all its information from Microsoft’s search engine, Bing. Additionally, Cortana, the Windows 10 personal assistant, also has Bing powering desktop searches.

4.Device optimization: With an ever-increasing amount of searches being conducted on mobile devices, results can differ from desktop searches. Bing allows you to optimize specifically for each device, whereas Google does not offer device optimization

5. Bing search results: Search engines rank web pages by their relevancy, popularity and social signals. Relevancy is based on how well your web page is optimized. Popularity comes from the number of visitors to your website either based on organic reach or directed by other avenues. Social signals indicate how well your social media accounts are doing. Since relevancy matters most, it is important keywords are used effectively and appropriately, which will enable Bing to register your website as the most relevant and increase traffic to your website.


What does this mean for you?
You might be thinking, I already spent so much time on Google optimization, now Bing? What’s great is that Bing allows for crossovers from Google adwords. All ads set up on Google can be transferred over to Bing easily.

As a small business owner, it is important that you are reaching your target marketing through all avenues. If your business is selling a product or service with a huge competitive advantage, then being on Bing will only allow you to expand your reach to an audience your competition may be ignoring. Ultimately, this will increase traffic to your website and boost sales.

To discover more about how SEO can help build your business online, contact Teach Me Social to book a complimentary consultation.


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