8 Ways to Use Live Video to Build Your Audience

8 Ways to Use Live Video to Build Your Audience

8 Ways to Use Live Video to Build Your Audience

 Using live video to build your audience is not just a trend, it’s a social media phenomenon that has consistently grown in popularity and user-base since it first launched in early 2015. Less than 2 years later, social media users now spend 3x more time watching live video than regular content.


People love live video because they get to see you in real time, ask you questions, and see how you respond. In fact, 80% of consumers have said they would rather watch live video from a brand than read a blog.


In a world of bots and pre-recorded videos and webinars people want to see a real person, they want to interact with a real person and they want to connect with a real person. Live video gives people just that.


Ready to broadcast?


You still need to prepare for a live video stream just as you would for a pre-recorded video but there’s no editing and no time to prepare an answer if you’re asked a question.


Scared? Don’t be! It’s really not that bad.  When people follow you and watch your live videos they want you to succeed and they remember that you are human.


Here are some creative ways to use live video to build your audience…


1. Question and Answer Sessions

As an expert in your field, you will be able to anticipate the questions your audience will ask and have notes ready, but what people are really looking for is a raw, in the moment, representation of the person they are investing their time, energy and money in.


Don’t be afraid to say you need to look something up or that the answer is long and ask the person to email you instead. What people don’t want is scripted, fake, and wrong information, so be yourself and be open and honest.


Pro Tip: Post a notice on your profile in advance of your live Q&A and ask people to submit questions or topics ahead of time.


2. Contests and Giveaways

Use live video to announce the contest or giveaway, layout the rules and encourage people to enter and share.


Follow up at the end of the contest by using live video to announce the winners and let people know how they can get those prizes for themselves the normal way (ie. pay for them, enroll in your course, etc…)


Pro Tip: Launch your contest with a Live Video as well, and use clues or hints in the video that gives live viewers extra chances to win!


3. Guest Interviews, Teachings or Question and Answer Sessions

Depending on the platform you use (YouTube Live, Facebook Live, Instagram Stories) you can either have someone take over your page live stream, join from their own computer or be in person with you for the broadcast.


You then encourage people to ask questions in the comments or have a full live interview. Or even ask the guest to teach on a topic of interest to your audience as a guest expert.


Pro Tip: Investigate 3rd party software to make split-screen broadcasts easier to facilitate.


4. Share New Products – Show and Tell

If you have a new program, event or physical products to share with your followers, you can use a live video stream to show off the new products either by showing physical items or by using a program to share your screen with your audience.


This is great for over the shoulder demonstrations, showing how a product looks on a person, the packaging, and so much more. 92% of shoppers say visuals are the most influential factor affecting purchase decisions. Consumers love seeing things in real time even if they don’t want to go to a physical store so live video is the next best thing. Next stop – smell-o-vision!


Pro Tip: Make sure you have a good camera and good lighting to show the best aspects of your products!


5. Announce Flash Sales and Host Auctions

Having an auction for charity? An end of year clearance sale? A one time flash sale?


Use live video to host a day-long event, have multiple speakers to auction off items or give testimonials on products. Hey, throw in some giveaways of discounts, pens, and other branded items and make it an event of its own.


People will come and go and you may want to break it up to have lunch breaks but it would certainly make an impression with your social media audience to be able to participate virtually.


6. Announcements and Last Minute Reminders

Planning a new event, launching a new venture, opening the doors on a previously closed program?


Announce it LIVE!


Counting down to closing the doors on early bird gifts or a limited space program?


Announce it LIVE!


Pro Tip: Enhance a reminder email by going live on Facebook to remind people to take advantage of your offer before they miss out.


7. Sneak Peak at Live Events

If you are hosting a workshop or event, provide your social followers a sneak peak. Live broadcast the intro of a presentation, show people working in groups, talk into the camera while people talk and buzz behind you.


Throughout the event, gather a group of people together and ask them for something they learned so far at the event. Tease your online audience so they will want to be there next time you run the event.


Pro Tip: Don’t forget to download your videos after you post them live so you can use them in promotional material for the next event!


8. Teach Something

Webinars are a popular form of live video, but they can be limited by access to software.


A live stream on Facebook or YouTube can provide a similar experience for your viewers, in which you can give them a nugget of information, an actionable tidbit or do a bit longer of a training session.


Now that you can live stream directly from your computer rather than just your cell phone there’s no excuse! Facebook and YouTube save your video to your profile so it will be there for others to see after and offering something helpful and interesting will build your audience even after the live video stream has ended.


Pro Tip: Schedule your LIVE training session in a Facebook Event that people can RSVP to so they are sure to tune-in at the right time.


What are you waiting for?


Don’t let live video intimidate you – embrace the opportunity to really connect with your audience.


Live video is the best way to build your audience and really deepen your relationship with them so they know they can trust you and therefore will be willing to purchase from you.


If you need help planning your videos and promotions, Teach Me Social offers training and support for all your social media needs! Click HERE to book a complimentary consultation today.


Guest Author: Amanda Lynne Murtagh

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