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About Teach Me Social

Teach Me Social empowers small businesses to take control of their social media presence to maintain an authentic voice for their brand. Our unique suite of services is aimed at providing knowledge and support to busy entrepreneurs who have a need to expand their company’s online presence.

Teach Me Social offers a full range of services, including tutorials and workshops to teach and empower business owners as well as complete social media account management services to create and maintain an effective social media presence for clients.

Kelly Farrell
Social Media Strategy
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Managing Director

Kelly Farrell

Kelly Farrell is the founder of Teach Me Social. Her mission is to empower small business entrepreneurs to take control of their own digital media presence to maintain an authentic voice for their brand.

About Kelly Farrell

A well-travelled and well-read individual, Kelly’s experience in the marketing and Social Media realm extends over 15 years. Kelly is also a certified Teacher with the Ontario College of Teachers and has enjoyed over 10 years in professional teaching and educational leadership roles. Kelly has worked with teachers and students alike to produce unique and innovative projects that bring together current technologies, creativity and education.

Her experience in business and educational leadership lends Kelly a unique approach to technology training. She offers business owners a different perspective on technology, gaining participation in her sessions by energizing participants and inspiring them to dive into the Social Media world whilst also providing valuable skills, tips and strategies they can use to construct their online presence at their own pace.

Teach Me Social has been providing valuable Social Media and digital marketing training to small business owners since 2012. Teach Me Social delivers online training opportunities as well as full service packages designed to help small business make the most of their marketing budget using a variety of digital and social media platforms.

Kelly Farrell has appeared at many events locally in Toronto, Mississauga and Ottawa to facilitate workshops and speak to groups of entrepreneurs about managing their social media. Kelly is currently accepting requests for speaking engagements for 2017. Email info@teachmesocial.ca to inquire.

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Corey McCulloch

Amanda Lynne Murtagh
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Amanda Lynne Murtagh


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