How to create an effective content strategy using hashtags

How to create an effective content strategy using hashtags

How to create an effective content strategy using hashtags

In the small business world, it can get pretty hectic trying to come up with an effective content strategy which engages your followers. attracts new ones and provides a positive ROI. It becomes even more tough when ever-changing newsfeed algorithms on social media platforms promote posts from friends and family first, making it difficult for businesses to make an impact.

A successful tactic in this case is to bring some order to the chaos by implementing a content strategy revolving around hashtags. That is, using hashtags to streamline the types of posts you should be publishing. Here are a few quick tips on how you can work on implementing hashtags into your social media strategy:

What are hashtags?

A hashtag is essentially a “tag” or a label that can be used with your content on social media sites to make searching for your posts easier and to group specific themes or content. Hashtags are a great way for your content to get noticed by your specific target market.

How to use hashtags?

Based on the social media channel being used to grow your network, hashtags should be used accordingly. They are the most effective on channels such as Twitter and Instagram. Here at Teach Me Social, the strategy to use hashtags is based primarily on the day and what is most relevant to the company’s initiatives. Also, using hashtags that describe service offerings the best. For instance, #socialmedia and #digitaltrends are common hashtags that are used. Further, it is even more effective to develop a strategy for your Twitter and Instagram profiles where specific hashtags are utilized for each day and working on creating or curating content specific to those labels. Such as, #TipTuesday or #WednesdayWisdom.

Benefits of using hashtags

As a small business owner, there are a few benefits of implementing this strategy:

Structure. Creating new and unique content can get pretty difficult very quickly; implementing hashtags will help provide an overarching framework of what to post.

Relevance. Social media properties are reflective of what the company represents and its brand health; following a strategy with relevant content to the company showcases the brand as put together, thoughtful and insightful.

Creativity. As a business owner in an overly competitive landscape, to set yourself apart can be daunting. By implementing hashtags in the content strategy, it can reflect the company’s personality as a brand. For example, an educational institute for children aged 3-5 sharing children successes and triumphs on #TuesdayTales


Hashtags to use

Common trends within the hashtag world include #ThrowbackThursday or #ManicMonday, amongst many others. However, it is important to work on what would be best for a social media strategy specific to the industry that your business is operating in.

There is a fine line between posting with too many hashtags and using the right amount. It can get pretty annoying when posts or tweets are #using #hashtags #for #every #word. It is important to figure out which hashtags represent the brand, what hashtags will the target market be looking at and its relevancy to the post.

Some examples of hashtags to use each day are:


Monday – #ManicMonday #MondayBlues #MusicMonday #ManCrushMonday #MondayMashup #MondayBlogs #MondayMotivation





Tuesday – #TuesdayTip #TakeMeBackTuesday #TransformationTuesday #TuesdayTreat #TravelTuesday #TuesdayBoozeDay





Wednesday – #HumpDay #WellnessWednesday #WednesdayWisdom #WayBackWednesday #WednesdayWant #WednesdayWedding





Thursday – #ThursdayThoughts #ThursdayTreats #Thursdate #ThirstyThursday #ThrowbackThursday #TBT #ThursdayFunDay




Friday – #FollowFriday #FridayNight #FridayFunday #FlashbackFriday #FridayReads #FridayFeelings #FridayEve




Saturday – #SaturdayMorningCartoons #SaturdayNight #SaturdayStyle #SaturdayShenanigans #SaturdaySwag #Caturday




Sunday – #SelfieSunday #SundayFunday #SundayMorning #SundaysAreForLovers





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