Increase your engagement today on social media

Increase your engagement today on social media

Increase your engagement today on social media

It is absolutely frustrating putting time and effort into writing creative copy, creating top-notch designs and following all the recommended practices in making your social media posts a success – only to find that there is hardly any reach on your posts.

The goal of any social media post is to drive engagement which will result in a positive ROI for your company. Through social media marketing, companies endeavour to build an online brand presence which will allow their customers to engage with them, resulting in wider reach and recognition than traditional methods of marketing.

When starting out, it is best to enlist help from an expert to determine the most effective platforms for your brand and to develop a strategy to begin driving engagement from the outset. Every social media strategy should begin with defining the target audience, streamlining the brand messaging and outlining how to engage fans online and drive traffic to the website to complete the circle.

Below are some key questions and strategies you can implement immediately to start gaining more traction with your digital content.


Establishing your brand

As a small business owner, it is easy to get wrapped up in the operational side of the business. What is important is to figure out how to sell your product or service to the end user. Answering the following questions below will help establish the brand, which in turn, will assist with selling and creating an online social media presence.

  • Who is the target market – teenagers, mom’s, fashionistas or university students?
  • What is the brand tone or voice – informative, thoughtful, funny?
  • What is the brand personality like? What kind of characteristics does the brand have? – A superhero? Is the brand like Peter Parker or Khaleesi?
  • What are the benefits of the product or service to the end user?
  • What is the company’s unique selling proposition? What is it doing that is different from its competition?
  • What does the brand want to be recognized for?


Building a community

When starting out on social media, an expert will look into building a community on the social media properties. This is important because the community will act as advocates for your brand and help facilitate reach to your target market. Research must be done to find out who the members of your community should be and then liking or following them. Engaging with their content and using methods such as social sharing or reposting will provide grounds for reciprocity and then a substantial ground for community.


Influencer marketing

Influencers are key members of the community with an active following, such as celebrities or models. Their reach is usually higher than the average joe. Enlisting help from these influencers and targeting them as VIPs of the community will allow the company to build their company quickly. A thing to note when targeting influencers is to identify the verticals your company falls under and then research who the influencers within that vertical would be.


Employee support

As a small business your greatest asset is your employees. Their energy and loyalty towards your business can also help your business grow on social media. Encouraging your employees to like your business page comment and share important poster promotions to their friends and family will instantly boost engagement and reach a wider audience. With social media properties such as Facebook, with a higher engagement on a post, it is more likely to show up on other community members newsfeeds. This way, the employees are actively engaged with the company’s profile online and act as true brand ambassadors.


Need to promote your company on social media? Don’t know where to begin? Figuring out your brand and achieving high levels of engagement and reach can be difficult. Which is why our expert team at Teach Me Social can assist in reaching those marketing goals. Contact us today to book a free consultation.


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