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Kelly Farrell Nominated for the 2017 Mompreneur® Award of Excellence

Kelly Farrell Nominated for the 2017 Mompreneur® Award of Excellence

Kelly Farrell Nominated for the 2017 Mompreneur® Award of Excellence

nominee - Kelly Farrell, Teach me social


Teach Me Social founder and Mompreneur Elite-plus member, Kelly Farrell, has been nominated for the 2017 Mompreneur® Award of Excellence, an award that brings the winner prizes valued over $30,000 and national publicity and promotional opportunities. Read more about Kelly’s journey to entrepreneurial leadership below. 


Teach Me Social has been providing valuable Social Media and digital marketing training designed to inspire and empower small business owners since 2013. Kelly’s unique approach to teaching the ins and outs of Social Media marketing offers entrepreneurs a chance to understand and take ownership of their social media strategies, adding both authenticity and purpose to their online presence.


Kelly Farrell founded Teach Me Social in 2013, shortly after becoming a member of the Etobicoke Mompreneur chapter. When she first discovered the Mompreneurs organization in 2012, it opened her eyes to the empowering possibilities of entrepreneurship. Kelly saw how other women were forging their own way and using their passions to create new opportunities for their families. As a newly independent mother of a very driven daughter, Kelly wanted to take control of her financial stability by finding new and exciting ways of providing for our family.


“I have always been inspired by the achievements of others and I created a business through which I could promote growth and success for my clients. I saw the opportunity to apply my passion for teaching to helping others understand how to navigate the quickly changing world of digital media.”  ~Kelly Farrell


In 2015, Kelly made the difficult decision to leave full-time teaching and pursue Teach Me Social on a full-time basis. The services have continued to expand to meet the demand for quality and personalized social media and technology training and support for entrepreneurs.


Teach Me Social currently delivers in-person and online training opportunities as well as full-service digital media packages designed to help small business make the most of their marketing budget using a variety of online publishing and social media platforms.


Kelly Farrell is currently a nominee for the Mompreneur® Award of Excellence. Winning a Mompreneur® Award would make an incalculable difference for Kelly and the future of Teach Me Social. Kelly is seeking the opportunity to bring her message of empowerment through education to more entrepreneurs who see learning technology as a roadblock to the success of their business.


Social Media provides a unique platform for entrepreneurs to have their voices heard and expand their circle of influence and her vision for Teach Me Social includes expanding my online learning resources to make them accessible for female entrepreneurs around the world. The nationwide promotion and monetary award available through the Mompreneur® Award would make so many things possible.


Voting is open until December 31st.

You can vote daily for the nominee of your choice.

To vote for Kelly, click here:


Browse memories from Teach Me Social over the past 4 years! 

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