Mississauga Mompreneurs – May luncheon

Mississauga Mompreneurs – May luncheon

Mississauga Mompreneurs – May luncheon

The Mompreneurs network launched 5 years ago in Canada, expanding to dozens of local chapters nationwide. Initiated by Maria Locker, a teacher-turned-entrepreneur, Mompreneurs now represents a community of 17,000 women within the U.S. and Canada. The Mompreneurs community is built by women who both run their own businesses and manage family lives, endeavouring to find balance and devote time to each equally. Each chapter conducts a meet-up once a month, designed to facilitate the sharing of ideas, resources, referrals with other women in the community.

Women of diverse backgrounds and experiences gathered together last Friday as the Mississauga Mompreneurs for a networking lunch. The common theme amongst all of them; mothers who were diligently working on their own businesses. These women all shared a passion for entrepreneurship while balancing a family life.

Mississauga Mompreneurs badgeSacha Pinto, the Mississauga & Peel Mompreneurs owner since October 2015, reflected on how many people perceive it to be a group solely dedicated for mothers. However, it is more than that. It is really about representing enterprising women by providing the support system they need to excel in their careers. It is a reflection of how, in today’s day and age, women really can do it all. Sacha had wanted to be an entrepreneur for a long time. She was keen on doing what she loves. She came across the Mompreneurs group and wanted to not only be a member but be more involved. Upon asking her what it meant to be the owner, she responded, “The biggest things for me was that I really found passion within the group. Everything that I had done in the past, all the work in my corporate life, has really provided me with the skills which help me help other women achieve their successes”.

The networking lunch, hosted at STIR kitchen in the heart of Mississauga had Melissa Romolo as the speaker for the month of May. Melissa, an accountant by profession, now supports business owners in achieving their professional and personal goals by providing coaching, workshops, seminars and mastermind groups. Melissa spoke about the perception surrounding money and what the value of money meant to each individual. Humans can be grouped into one of the four categories when it comes to how they perceive money: the spenders, the savers, the avoiders and the money monks. While the terms spenders and savers are fairly self-explanatory, the avoiders are those that would rather put off dealing with money-related issues for as long as they could possibly manage. Money monks, on the other hand, believe that money is the root of all evil and must be given away as soon as it is received.

The very enlightening presentation provided a great perspective on the subconscious biases our minds create surrounding money. For Kelly Farrell, Director at Teach Me Social, the presentation’s biggest takeaway was, “It comes down to really taking ownership of your financial management style – whether you are a spender, saver, avoider or money monk. Understanding where your beliefs on money and success stem from can only help you to neutralize and minimize the negative biases surrounding it and help you to take control of your business and personal finances. If you manage to do this, it ends up being a key factor in leading to success and security for the future”.

As the group dispersed after lunch, some left to go pick up their children from school while others went back to work, I am fairly certain, they all left with a stronger sense of purpose. Knowing a group of women in the same boat not only provides relief and hope but also a sense of community.  

Teach Me Social has been a proud Elite Plus Member of the Mompreneurs since 2012 and in 2016 became the AOR for the Mississauga and Peel Region Chapter of the Mompreneurs, representing the group on social media. To learn more about the group and become a member, visit and follow them on Facebook at

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